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// Who’s your Hollywood Handsome?//

Since this is still the month of love, It is only appropriate to post this : )

Atleast for us single girls, dreamin’ girls….

If you were to ask your girlfriends who they thought was handsome in hollywood they would tell you right?! I’m pretty sure any girl, has a top 93 of how cute some guys are in hollywood, am I right?! It’s innate, it’s something in us, we love expressing how we feel, and who we think is just dreamy! It’s something that we share as women! And as women, We may be married or single, But even if we’re married, you still have a list, it doesn’t mean you’re unfaithful or you’re going to stray. it just means you still act like a teenage girl sometimes…

So I did just that, I asked my girlfriends who their Top 3 sometimes 4 cutest guys are in Hollywood and here are their answers(All through texts, mind you!):

Mine: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper & Dennis Quaid(Oldie but a goodie!) & a bonus: David Conrad : )

HannahBeth said: In this order: 1. Josh Duhamel 2. Zach Efron 3. The guy from the notebook… Forgot his name (Ryan Gosling)

Holly said: I would have to say: Ryan Gosling, Garrett Hedlund and Hayden Christiensen…haha I’m not very good at picking people!

Jenny said: Hmm… James Franco is one… Zach Efron and Ryan Reynolds.

Dyanna(Sister) said: Shamar Moore, Richard Gere & Mark Harmon

Sally said: Hhhmmm… I don’t even know! The two Irish guys from P.S. I Love You(Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Gerard Butler) and let me think about the third…

Faith said: Ewan Mcgregor, Ryan Gosling and… I’m not sure, let me think about it.

Jessica said: Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, And as long we don’t include personality then Matthew McConaughey

Heather (Sister) said: Ryan Gosling(classic and boyish) Hugh Jackman. Paul Walker. Gerard Butler :)

Camille (Sister) said: Ryan Reynolds, Hmm…Denzel Washington and Steve Carrell :)

Hannah:George Clooney, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman:) I like scruff lol

Karyn: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery & Mark Harmon

HannahLee: Jude Law, Heath Ledger and Adam Levine :)

Katherine: I’ve tried so hard to think of a celebrity crush! Maybe Johnny Depp idk Lol

Anna: Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling And Ryan Gosling. Lol!

As you can see Ryan Gosling is pretty popular! hah!

Happy times!- Ryn


// Hollybear’s Haiku’s//

How this post was spurred on was the night I had met this girl named Holly! I was in my friend Jenny’s car & Holly started reciting her haiku’s to us! Too funny!

I can totally see Holly in a smoky dim lit coffee bar. Standing behind a mic quoting her favorite Haiku’s… that she wrote of course! With a set of bongos thumping behind her. And then when she’s finished, she bows her head and then the crowd goes wild for her by snapping their fingers for her! Snaps for Holly! And I can see Jenny, Hannah & myself sitting there to support her 110%!

Go for it Holly! Go for your dreams! Although I am not so sure that’s apart of her dreams, I do know her future is bright! She has a big heart & big dreams! I haven’t known her for long, but I know we’ll be long time friends! In my book she’s a rare gem : )

She definitely is a favorite of mine! She makes my heart smile! And She can make you automatically burst into laughter! : ) She is a Christ follower, She has a stunning voice, She loves coconut oil & she’s single, ready to be treasured : )

P.s. Her B-day was this past Sunday, so in honor of her, this was written : )

And you will soon read her Haiku of Maude C…. Yay!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!


Haiku is a poetic form and a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form. Haiku poets, which you will soon be, write about everyday things. Many themes include nature, feelings, or experiences. Usually they use simple words and grammar. The most common form for Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. Haiku doesn’t rhyme. A Haiku must “paint” a mental image in the reader’s mind. This is the challenge of Haiku - to put the poem’s meaning and imagery in the reader’s mind in ONLY 17 syllables over just three (3) lines of poetry! Check out some Haiku at Haiku Salon (see Lesson 2 for the link).


The Rose (Donna Brock)

The red blossom bends

and drips its dew to the ground.

Like a tear it falls

A Rainbow (Donna Brock)

Curving up, then down.

Meeting blue sky and green earth

Melding sun and rain.


After Visiting my g-pop a few week ago, I have a very funny story to share with y’all!

I was sitting across from him at his “home”(He lives in a long-term care place) in the sun room, And we were starting to play gin-rummy, And He turns to me and says(I kid you not) “You’re so pretty” (He hardly complimented me) And then right next door to the compliment he launches into a story about his bowl movements!!! So I either remind him of poop or my outfit did! (I had on a puce green sweater on that day)

Then we go to Sam’s Club together, Well they had FREE samples there that day (When do they not have samples there, right?) So he heads straight to them and picks up an activia yogurt with flax seeds mixed in. So he eats it & wants another one, well I don’t know if you know what that combo does to your intestines, but pretty much lets you have diarrhea. So He definitely didn’t need another dose of that stuff! So I was watching him from a far and the lady asks him if he would like another, and I shake my head no, And she tells him; no, and she points to me, and tells him I won’t let him! (thanks Lady!) and so gpop says “ooookay” (Like a wounded dog) So we started walking again, and I told him why I didn’t think it was a good idea for him to have the second helping. I said ”Flax Seeds can make you have diarrhea! (He is a little hard of hearing) So He made me repeat it louder! (Thanks Grandpa!) So I did, and then he said “Oh…Really?”

Funnies are always good! - Ryn

// Breadwinners//

Unfortunately I have yet to bring my friends to one of my favorite’s in Dallas, But their day is coming!

All this to say, have you ever been to Breadwinner’s?! I love this restaurant. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area or travel to Dallas, try Breadwinner’s! You will not regret it! It’s definitely a winner! It holds up to it’s name! Their Burgers tho their salads all the way to their specials & brunches on Saturdays & Sundays. They are all sooo yummy! I had tried their Chicken & waffles, and Literally the waffles tasted like funnel cake.. It was uhh-mazing! For a once and awhile place it super good! My favorite location, Is the one on Lover’s Lane. But the one on McKinney is good too! All of their locations are all superb! I just love them : ) In the daytime for them, is very down to earth, really casual, they put sweet breads on the table the minute you sit down and in the evening, It is a little more dressy, instead of the sweet breads, they give you savory bread. And they have great Ice tea.(Unsweetened) But they have plain black tea or some days they brew flavored fruit teas (My Fave!)

Let me know what you think when you try it ; )

P.s. their homemade potato chips are really good too!

I love quality over quanity. I like qaunity but if I had to choose I will have to go after quality! I love luxe things, Give me a Cashmere and I am good to go!

I will choose quality over qaunity and day!

My 3 favorite places to shop for quality are:



and Nordstrom

They strive for excellence

Their clothes always feel good & look pretty darn cute!

And did you know madewell & J.crew are sisters?!

I can just imagine myself talking with Mrs. Jenna Lyons the head of J.crew. And having coffee or tea (I’m not sure what she drinks) and just talking with her on a veranda somewhere far off… Actually I see that porch and right beyond it I see skyscrapers. haha!

But yes that is a dream of mine to meet her, And I am a big fan of dreams coming true! And in my line of work dreams have to come true!

Have you even tried J.crew socks?! I absolutely love them, 1. they’re cute 2. They contain mostly cotton 3. They’re only like $12.50 and less on a good day! they are some of the best socks around! Although they tie with Madewell socks : )

I am a sock kinda girl :) - Ryn

// Eatzi’s//

*Sigh* What can I say? Well for starters this eatery is owned by Phil Romano (The man who owns Macaroni Grill) So his food can’t be bad, right?! I learned about this place from a sale associate at the crate & barrel outlet on inwood.

Their tea is amazing & their ice is even better than sonic ice : )

So you walk in the door, and the smell of fresh bread slaps you in the face. If you turn to the left, you see cash registers, bottled drinks, packaged gourmet food & fresh flowers. If you turn to the right, you see the bakery, with fresh loaves of bread, desserts, more packaged gourmet food, fresh fruit & veggies & vino. If you walk straight, you see glass cabinets of freshly prepared food, with pasta, chicken, salads, etc. Then if you go beyond that, on the right; there’s prepared sushi & salads. on the left; Hot food w/ specials of the day & in the back there is a cheese bar, salad bar & and sandwich bar. and then another cash register you can purchase your food and sit down. the seating is limited in the place, but then they have covered outdoor seating, so don’t go on a bitter cold day…  Their food is literally mouth watering! :)

Eatzi’s has two locations in Dallas: one on Lover’s Lane & the other on Lemmon : )

// Textured//

I don’t know about you, But I am all about: Stripes, Gingham & Polka-dots… Might as well throw in some color too!

My style, I would say, is eclectic. Classy, twinkle-y, preppy, boho, textured, dainty… The list goes on and on…

I love wearing clothes that are textured. with different patterns. With one pop of color. Wearing stripes with polka-dots. Gingham with stripes. Polka-dots with gingham. There are so many different ways to wear clothes now a days…

It can be easy to put a an outfit together with different patterns. But it can be terribly hard too!

When you throw on say a herringbone blazer, go for brown, Then wear skinnies, in a darker wash, and wear a polka-dot shirt and some brightly colored shoes. Heels or flats work, it’s entirely your choice. : ) Or wear a striped shirt with gingham scarf, skinnies & a messy bun and a sparkly headband. And a pair of Fantastic shoes… Also, Leopard print jeans are my fave right now, So pairing those with horizontally striped t-shirt with, say a coral grandpa cardi, and some brown loafers would be uber cute : )

You definitely go for a winter white or a stark white jeans for an entirely different texture…

Never forget to add a punch to your outfit with Jewelry, Shoes and/or Accessories : )


So this year I am going to make myself & whoever else wants one, a striped jersey knit blazer! In white or cream & black or navy stripes.  I want one so bad! (not to mention, I also want a cream and coral or orange blazer, thank-you Anna Reed!) So I might aswell make one, right?!

All this came about because I saw this one from J.Crew (Love that store) But it was $80.00 and I just couldn’t justify it at the time to buy it for myself. But I did swoon over it, Oh did I swoon!(still am) So now I am thinking about it constantly…  So my next option is to make it! I have to find the right fabric first. Nothing to sheer or lightweight. This is a blazer you know.  So I am currently on the hunt for striped fabric & orangey/Coral jersey…

If you can point me in the right direction that would be s’wonderful!!!

Thanks Ya’ll! - Ryn

I challeged myself to fast wheat & sugar… for 21 days or more. It started January 1st. I am 11 days into it so far. I feel better. I feel more energized. I feel healthier.

I felt like doing this around December 20th I believe, and I had total peace about it! It hasn’t been hard at all.

And I have been cooking alot more! Yummy food too!

So far I have made:

Drunken ‘shrooms

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Coconut Chicken (wheat-free)

Butternut Squash and Apples  

Sounds yummy doesn’t it?!

Now on to exercising… I have to get back into it! It’s better for me to do it. Than not to!


// A walk down memory lane…//

One of my most favorite memories, when I was growing up, Was sitting next to may mother while she applied her make-up. She had an antique vanity where she sat. I would you usually sit on the floor next to her. I would look in adoringly at her while she applied her Mascara, Powder & Lipstick… And just hoping she would place some powder & blush on my cheeks. Maybe a little lipstick too! That Memory seems embedded into my head & it almost seems magical. I was a young innocent little girl, that dreamed that one day I may get to use the same things she uses. (Turns out I do!) I loved when she would put on her mascara! You know those guerlain shimmer powder balls, she would use those. I love those! I’m planning on buying some in the near future. When She would apply Her Lipstick, It would always be Red or Bright Coral. One MAC color that they don’t make anymore kit kat, Fabulous color!) Oh and she would always polish her nails and take care of her natural nails…  She still takes care of her nails she just doesn’t polish them, she does too much with her hands. I still get mesmerized when I sit on her bed and just watch while she puts her face on.

I love when I polish my nails. When I put lipstick on. When I apply mascara. and when I dust my cheeks with blush & powder! I know how to do these things all because I sat & watched my mama apply the same TLC, that I use today.

My favorites(right now) are:

Lipstick: MAC Impassioned, Frou & Russian Red

Mascara: MAC PlushLash & Opulash, also I’ve heard Benefit BadGal is amazing! (I’m going to try it soon!)

Nail Polish: Butter London Royal Navy, Wallis & Macbeth. Essie Smokin’ Hot. OPI My Private Jet


// Nutcracker//

I was blessed to take my two besties with my family & I to the Nutcracker Ballet. They had never been to the Nutcracker & I wouldn’t have wanted to anyone else! We went to the infamous Bass Hall in Downtown Fort Worth. It was wonderful! Except I felt under dressed! I thought the Performance was ok, But for someone who hasn’t seen it, I’m sure it was great! Previous preformances have been better : / In this one Clara was dark headed instead of being blonde. And my favorite part, Which is where the giant dancer comes out and tiny little people dance out from under her skirt. Quite amusing actually! But they didn’t do that… Oh well! Next time! And Holly walkes through Bass Hall like she owned the place! Oh my, she’s funny! And Hannah got a great lagh out of me, when I had a conversation with myself about whether or not taking a picture or not. I chose not to! If you haver never been you really should! I encourage you to go! It’s so fun!


For the clothing & creative side of things!